An estimated 73 million European adults lack qualifications above upper secondary school level; for many, due to the fact that their poor literacy makes educational progress impossible. The latest results from OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) show that one in five EU 15-year-olds has poor reading skills. Even as literacy becomes more necessary, reading levels have stagnated. In an attempt to address these issues, the priorities set by the Empowering Literacy in Adolescents through Creative Engagement with Comics (COMMIX) project include:

  • Addressing under achievement in basic skills with a focus on literacy through the support of comics and interactive tools.
  • Improving achievement in relevant, high level, and transversal competences by promoting Open Education Resources (OER) and ICT-based training on the integration of comics in education.
  • Supporting schools to tackle early school leaving.

COMMIX argues that collaboration through the use of interactive comics in education can have a positive impact, and can substantially enhance the acquisition of skills in literacies, science, and other subjects, especially for students aged 11-16 and at-risk students.