CARDET participated in the academic conference hosted by KETPEE on March 18, 2017, at the University of Cyprus, by hosting a symposium on the topic of the implementation of new technologies and learning enviroments. During the symposium, CARDET discussed the significance of new forms of ICT in education, and focused on presenting 4 best practices in which this is exemplified. These 4 best practices were based on 4 Erasmus+ projects, in which CARDET is a partner. Namely, these best practices included the promotion of reading through the use of Web 2.0 tools (LiRe 2.0 project -; the development of literacy skills through the creative use of comics; (COMMIX -; the promotion of identity and diversity awareness through the use of picture books (IDPBC -; and an innovative approach to increasing students' motivation in science by making its learning more fun (SciFun -